Ink review: Diamine Calligraphy Passion (Germany Exclusive)

I’m reviewing Diamine Calligraphy Passion ink. It’s a Diamine Exclusive fountain pen ink made specially for sale in Germany.

This is a non-saturated, yellow leaning, bright neon green ink. It shades between green and yellow. Although it’s called Calligraphy Passion, it is a dye-based, fountain pen ink. Not a shimmer ink.

It’s an unusual light, bright, green colour, and some will say it’s a bit light for every day writing. Maybe it is popular for it’s colour-wash properties.

It’s very similar to J.Herbin Apple scented ink and Diamine Jade Green ink. 

It easily washes off of my hands with cold water and bar soap and it easily flushes out of my converters and pens just using water.

It didn’t suffer from any hard starts or non-starts when I put the uncapped pen down to do swab tests, dry times and water resistance.

It dried very quickly on all of the papers I used it on and once dry it didn’t smudge or smear.

I found it flowed much wetter, and looked more green in the Lamy pen with B nib that I used

There was hardly any showthrough and no bleedthrough on any of the papers I wrote on, and I could still have written on the reverse of all them with no problem.

I’ve seen Diamine Calligraphy Passion ink for sale on Fountainfeder, Papier & Stift and Seitz-Kreuznach websites as well as on Amazon.

Availability: Exclusive to Germany and available in 30ml plastic bottles or 80ml glass bottles from: Fountainfeder, Papier & Stift, Seitz-Kreuznach and Amazon.

Diamine Calligraphy Passion

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