Ink Review: New Diamine Razzmatazz Shimmer ink

Diamine Razzmatazz Shimmer ink is a new addition to the Diamine Shimmer inks range for 2018. It is an unsaturated, yellowish olive-green ink with gold shimmer.

It shades beautifully and easily shows up it’s gold shimmer. It’s a similar shade to Diamine Wagner, but the gold shimmer lifts it into a different dimension.

It writes like a dream and there’s so much gold shimmer. Fabulous shading and gold shimmer. Wow!

If you like Wagner ink, you will love Razzmatazz! For those special occasions when you fancy some gold shimmer. It’s on my Christmas card writing list.

It didn’t suffer from any hard starts or skips when I put the uncapped pen down to do swab tests, dry times and water resistance.

In fact it never suffered from hard starts despite this ink fill having been in this pen for over a month. I’ve deliberately left it for days in order to see if it suffers from hard starting or any skipping when I uncap the pen and start writing again. It has never failed to start writing immediately.

It dried quickly on all of the papers I used it on and once dry it didn’t smudge or smear.

I found it flowed wetter, and looked darker in the Waterman Phileas pen with stub nib that I used, but there was no problem seeing the gold shimmer even with the F nib.
It easily washes off of my hands with cold or warm water and bar soap and it easily flushes out of my converters and pens just using water. I have inked up a Lamy Al-Star and a Pilot Custom 74 with these shimmer inks so that I can clearly see when there are shimmer particles inside the section and when there aren’t. Cleaning them out of both of these sections was easy.

I’m finding that shimmer inks are wetter than they used to be and that makes them easier to use in many fountain pen brands.

Availability: Available in decorative 50ml glass bottles exclusive to the Diamine Shimmer ink range. Sold directly through the Diamine web-site, or via many retail outlets worldwide.

Diamine Razzmatazz

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