Looking back at an ink: Diamine Pumpkin

I last reviewed Diamine Pumpkin exactly 3 years ago, and decided it’s an ink that’s now worth another look, especially as it’s October – pumpkin season!

Diamine Pumpkin is a bright orange ink, and I mean really bright orange. It’s always been my favourite orange ink, because it’s a great colour and is well-behaved.

Whenever I think about Halloween and pumpkins, I think of Diamine Pumpkin ink. The main difference between Diamine Pumpkin and other orange inks is that it’s not a weak yellowish colour. It has some red dye in there that makes it a more dense orange.

Pumpkin has very good flow, and when I write on my smooth papers my pens glide across the page. Sometimes you can see some shading, but that depends on the pen and it’s nib.

No clogging was noticed and I didn’t see any “nib crud” after a week. Most yellow/orange dyes are likely to produce “crud” on nibs or bottle threads. It’s not a major problem, and is easy to clean off.

Pen clean-up was easy, just with water, but despite washing my hands with bar soap and warm water, a slightly red patch remained on my thumb. Two hand washes might be necessary if you get as much ink on your thumb as I obviously managed to do!

Diamine Pumpkin comes in 30ml plastic bottles or in 80ml glass bottles and is available directly from Diamine Inks or from many retail outlets.

Diamine Pumpkin

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