Ink Review: Diamine Green/Black

Diamine Green/Black ink is a dark green ink as it’s name suggests. It’s a dark, pine green, shade that leans slightly more towards blue than yellow.

I wrote my review on HP Premium Choice ColorLok 100gsm smooth coated paper, that is not very absorbent, and I saw no spread, feathering, show-through or bleed-through.

It’s a saturated ink but I still saw some nice shading. It flowed well with all of the pens I tried it in, felt neither wet nor dry, and lubrication was nicely smooth across the paper.

No start-up problems noticed. No skipping noticed.

Dry time was within 16-18 seconds on my test on the 100gsm paper.

There was no nib dry-out while I put the uncapped pen down to do the comparison ink tests.

Nib Creep / “Crud” wasn’t seen, even after several days in the pen. No clogging seen.

Clean up from hands and pens was easy.

Green/Black is not sold as a waterproof ink and didn’t have much water resistance.

It is currently available in 30ml plastic or 80ml glass bottles and is reasonably priced.

Diamine Inks sells it directly to end-users on their web-site, and it’s stocked by many retailers worldwide.

Diamine Green:Black

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