Ink Review: Diamine Lapis Blue (Philippines Exclusive)

Today I’m reviewing an ink made by Diamine exclusively for the Philippine market. It is called Diamine Lapis Blue.
This is a very saturated ink, think Majestic Blue and Sargasso Sea type of saturation. It shows lots of shading and plenty of red sheen. The chroma test showed a bit of lilac dye, but no red, so it’s a little different to those blues that lean towards the red edge of the colour spectrum. When I wrote with it, it does suggest that it has a slight lean towards red though.

I experienced no problems at all while I was writing with it. It had a smooth flow with a lubricated line. I saw no skips or hard starts, and it didn’t dry out on the nib while I was doing swab tests.

For me it was a very well-behaved ink, as well as being a nice colour. It exhibited show through and some dots of bleed-through on a cheap Banner scribble pad and Field Notes.

When I got it on my fingers it looked so saturated that I thought it would be a staining ink, but I can confirm it washed off easily with soap and warm water.

The review form was written using a Montblanc F nib and a Lamy 1.1mm nib, but I used a Lamy Al-Star with M nib on the additional papers.

It exhibited very good flow and I found it smooth and lubricated to write with.
I saw no skips or hard starts while I did swabs and dry time tests.
This isn’t sold as a waterproof ink, and shows little water resistance.
Long dry times on some smooth papers.
No smear after dry.

Nib Dry-out: Not noticed.
Start-up: Immediate.
Nib Creep / “Crud”: Not seen, even after several days in the pen.
Clean-up: Easy from hands and pens.
Clogging: Not seen.
Not available from Diamine Inks UK. Available in 80ml glass and 30ml plastic bottles within the Philippines.

Diamine Dark Olive

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