Ink Review: Diamine Pelham Blue from the Guitar Series

Today I’m reviewing Diamine Pelham Blue ink. It is another one of the Diamine Guitar range of inks that were designed to represent Gibson colours for their Les Paul guitars.

There are five inks in the series, and they were all exclusive to Germany until January 2019. Now they are in the Diamine standard series of inks available from Diamine and many other retailers.

Diamine Pelham Blue is a slightly teal leaning, saturated, dark cerulean blue ink. Even though it’s more saturated than the other inks in this series, it still exhibits some nice shading. I found I didn’t have many blue inks in this colour range, so it’s quite an unusual shade. Oxford Blue has more red in it than Pelham Blue does.

I found the flow very good, neither wet nor dry, although it dried quickly on most of the papers I tested it on. Once dry it didn’t smudge or smear. Lubrication was really smooth across the page. It was really nice to write with.

It was a well-behaved ink. There was not much show through or bleed through on most of the regular papers I tested it on.

Pelham Blue is an ink that can vary in colour quite a bit depending on what paper you use it on. It looks  much lighter on Tomoe River and Maruman papers. In fact, on Tomoe River paper it reminded me of the long discontinued, but legendary Montblanc Meisterstück Diamond Blue ink.

It didn’t suffer from any hard starts or non-starts when I put the uncapped pen down to do swab tests, dry times and water resistance.

It took two washes to wash off of my fingers with soap and water but it easily flushed out of my converters and pens just using water. Non staining.

It’s not a waterproof ink, but it exhibits some water resistance after it’s dry.

Available from Diamine Inks and many retailers worldwide in 80ml glass bottles or 30ml plastic bottles.

Diamine Pelham Blue


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