Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2019

Diamine has produced a limited edition Inkvent Calendar for 2019.It’s in the form of an advent calendar for the Christmas period from 1st December up to Christmas Day. Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2019

Each day you open the door to a 7ml glass bottle of a standard, shimmer or sheen ink.

In the 24 x 7ml glass bottles there are 12 Standard inks, 4 Shimmer inks, 2 Shimmer & Sheen inks and 6 Sheen inks.

Then for Christmas Day there is a 30ml plastic bottle of Happy Holidays medium/dark blue ink that has silver shimmer and also exhibits red sheen.

All of the colours are brand new colours for this Inkvent calendar and they have festive names.

I’m showing you a quick review each of the inks inside the calendar. They aren’t in the order that you open the calendar. I just picked them out alphabetically in their groups.

For all of the inks I used my Montblanc Meisterstück Mozart pen with M nib, and my Silvine Originals A4 Notebook that has fairly smooth FP friendly paper. The Mozart was reasonably easy to clean out after each ink and the A4 Silvine paper is nice and easy to write on.

The Diamine Inkvent Calendar is available worldwide in many stores. Cult Pens in the UK are one stockist.

First the 12 Standard Inks:

Diamine Inkvent 1 Diamine Inkvent 2

Then the 4 Shimmer Inks followed by the 2 Shimmer & Sheen Inks:

Diamine Inkvent 3 Then the 6 Sheen Inks followed by the 30ml Happy Holidays Ink:

Diamine Inkvent 4

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