Ink Review: Cult Pens Deep Dark Michael (Diamine Exclusive for Cult Pens)

Cult Pens Michael is one of the three new inks in the “Deep Dark” range that are made for Cult Pens by Diamine Inks. These three new inks are also included in the 16th birthday celebration set of Cult Pens 16 x 12ml inks.Michael is a saturated dark blue to navy blue ink and looks like it has the potential to exhibit red sheen with wetter pens on some papers. I noticed red sheen around the bottle threads.

I found it flowed very well and felt quite wet with the pens I tried it in. Lubrication across the page felt nice and smooth.

As it’s so saturated I didn’t see much shading with the pens I used and I didn’t see any sheen with the pens and papers I used.

Although it looked like it might be a potential stainer it didn’t stain my hands and was easily removed with one soapy wash. It easily cleaned out of my pens with one flush in warm soapy water.

Currently available in 80ml glass bottles, 30ml plastic bottles and 12ml bottles within the 16th birthday ink set from Cult Pens web-site

Many thanks to Cult Pens for sending me this ink to review.

  • Flow Rate: Very good – quite wet.
  • Lubrication: Good – smooth.
  • Nib Dry-out: Not noticed.
  • Start-up: Immediate.
  • Saturation: Quite saturated.
  • Shading Potential: Not much shading seen.
  • Sheen: None seen.
  • Show-through/Bleed-through: Some show-through seen on a couple of my additional papers and a little bleed-through on Whitelines.
  • Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: Not seen on any paper I used.
  • Nib Creep / “Crud”: Not seen even after several days in the pen.
  • Staining (pen): Not seen after several days – easy clean-up.
  • Staining (hands): None. Washed off easily.
  • Clogging: Not seen.
  • Water resistance: Not sold as waterproof and shows no water resistance.

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