Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2021 Red Edition

Diamine has produced another limited edition Inkvent Calendar for 2021. This one is called the Red Edition. It’s in the form of an advent calendar for the Christmas period from 1st December up to Christmas day.

Each day you open the door to reveal a 12ml square plastic bottle of a standard, shimmer, sheen or shimmer & sheen ink.
In the smaller 12ml plastic bottles there are 13 Standard inks, 6 Shimmer inks, 3 Shimmer & Sheen inks and 2 Sheen inks.

Then for Christmas Day there is a 30ml plastic bottle of All the Best burgundy red shimmer and sheen ink.
All of the colours are brand new colours for this Inkvent calendar and they have festive names.

Here’s a mini review of each of the inks inside the calendar that were written in three different notebooks using different pens.
The first notes were written with different pens all with M nibs in a Clairefontaine Papier Velouté notebook on 90gsm smooth white paper.
I used these abbreviations on my notes: S for Shimmer, St for Standard, Sh for Sheen and S&S for Shimmer and Sheen.
These notes aren’t in the order that you open the calendar. I just picked them out randomly and arranged them so those next to each other were different colours.

Inkvent 2021 1
Inkvent 2021 2
Inkvent 2021 3

The second notes were written using 4 different nibs: the original pens with M nibs plus additional Lamy steel F, B and 1.1mm nibs in a Seven Seas TR notebook on 52gsm smooth cream paper. These are in order of the days that you would open the calendar.

Inkvent 2021 4

Inkvent 2021 5

The third notes were written on Rhodia DotPad paper with the same M nib pens that were used for the Clairefontaine notebook.

Inkvent 2021 6
Inkvent 2021 7

I didn’t find any of the inks particularly dry. They varied between slightly drier feeling to wet feeling.
They all started up straight away and flowed well with lubrication that varied between some feedback to very smooth with no feedback.
There was no significant difference in show through or bleed through with any of the inks on my papers. Although I could have written on the reverse of the pages I used I collated the images to be side by side and wrote only on the right hand pages.

Wonderland is a more “retina searing” orange than my scanner can pick up. Think fairly similar to Pumpkin….. Stargazer looks very different on the page as it has so many different colours/sheens to it. It resembles something similar to a gasoline on a smooth road surface effect. Though Seize the Night is listed as a black standard ink I found it to be quite purplish with some sheen and not a traditionally black ink.

Standout inks for me personally were All the Best, Ruby Blues, Thunderbolt, Garland and Stargazer.

4 thoughts on “Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2021 Red Edition

  1. Thanks so much for this!! I saw that a YouTube reviewer said she smelled a musty or moldy smell in a few of them that are blue or grey. Did you find any mold smell?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. THANK-YOU!!! I have been looking for the swatches!
    I love the shimmering from the blue inkvent calendar, they did not clog or seemed dry for me and am excited for the new onesss! Hope soon they release in full size
    You rock!

    Liked by 1 person

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