Ink Review: Sailor Shikiori Rikyucha

Today I’m reviewing Sailor Shikiori Rikyucha ink. It’s colour is between a dark olive green and a brown. I found it quite wet with very good flow. Lubrication on the nib was very smooth across the paper.

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Ink Review: Cult Pens Iridescink Tammy (Diamine Inks Exclusive)

Cult Pens Iridescink Tammy is one of the three latest new iridescent sheening inks that are exclusively made for Cult Pens by Diamine Inks. Cult Pens describe their Iridescinks as being a bit different and a bit more unusual because they are made to sheen.

Tammy is a fairly saturated, pink leaning, dark red ink that has an attractive gold/green sheen.
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