Ink Review: Pilot Iroshizuku yu-yake (Sunset)

Today I’m reviewing Pilot Iroshizuku yu-yake ink. From Japanese yu-yake translates to Sunset and it is just like a Japanese sunset.

“The name “iroshizuku” is a combination of the Japanese words “iro” (colouring) expressing high standards and variation of colours, and “shizuku” (droplet), which embodies the very image of dripping water. Each ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue. Enjoy Japan’s rich and subtle colour aesthetic as you write. Pilot has always manufactured its own inks, which are renowned throughout the world.” Source: Pilot.

Yu-yake is an orange that leans more red than yellow and is easily readable though unsaturated.

It didn’t suffer from any hard starts or non-starts when I put the uncapped pen down to do swab tests, dry times and water resistance.

It dried within 20 seconds on the Clairefontaine Triomphe paper and didn’t smear after it was dry.

I like this shade of orange and found yu-yake a very well behaved ink.

Available in attractive Pilot Iroshizuku 50ml and mini 15ml glass bottles from many outlets worldwide. Thanks to The Writing Desk for my sample.

  • Flow Rate: Very good – wet.
  • Lubrication: Very smooth – felt nicely lubricated.
  • Nib Dry-out: Not noticed.
  • Start-up: Immediate.
  • Saturation: Not saturated
  • Shading Potential: Some nice shading seen.
  • Show-Through: Some seen on papers I used but nothing particularly bad.
  • Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: None seen.
  • Nib Creep / “Crud”: Not seen, even after several days in the pen.
  • Staining (pen): Not seen after several days – easy clean-up.
  • Staining (hands): Washed off of my hands easily.
  • Clogging: Not seen.
  • Water resistance: Not sold as waterproof, and shows no water resistance.

2 thoughts on “Ink Review: Pilot Iroshizuku yu-yake (Sunset)

  1. This is a super detailed review, thanks! I recently got my bottle, and I utterly adore it. I’ve spent a long time finding an orange that was pretty yet readable, and this seems to have hit the mark

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